Alaska Mountains

Alaska Mountains

Mt. Spurr

The largest mountain you see straight out from our viewing deck is Mt. Spurr.  Its elevation is 11,066 ft (3,374 m). It is a stratovolcano* and the highest volcano of the Aleutian arc.  The volcano lies 80 miles west of Anchorage. Its two historical eruptions in 1953 and 1992 deposited ash on the city of Anchorage and surrounding areas.

Mt. Redoubt

 The next lone peak south of Mt. Spurr is Mt. Redoubt.  Its elevation is 10,197 ft (3108 m).  It is one of the easternmost stratovolcanos* in the Aleutian arc.  It is 100 miles southwest of Anchorage.  It is an active volcano with most recent eruptions in 1966, 1989, and recently in early 2009.  The damage and loss of revenue from ash and debris during the 1989 eruption, which continued into 1990, made it the second most costly in the United States history.  You can see the beautiful Mt. Redoubt from the 24 hour viewing deck of the Diamond M Ranch Resort—far enough away to be safe from any volcanic activity, but close enough to enjoy the majesty of this gorgeous peak.

Mt. Iliamna

Continuing south on the Alaska Mountain Range is Mt. Iliamna.  Its elevation is 10,016 ft (3053 m).  It is 130 miles from Anchorage. It can not be seen from the Diamond M Ranch viewing deck, blocked by the trees, but as you drive south it is the next big mountain.  It is a stratovolcano*, as well, with most recent explosive eruptions in 1933 and 1953.

For more information on these and other volcanoes, visit the Alaska Volcano Observatory Site

*stratovolcano – (also called a stratocone or composite cone). A steep-sided volcano, usually conical in shape, built of lava flows and fragmental deposits from explosive eruptions.

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